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Here is a quick guide to get the Swype keyboard (http://www.swypeinc.com/) working on iDroid.



  • Swype is currently available as a beta on their site. Dates will be provided as soon as the latest beta expires.


  • There may be warnings that Swype has expired and you need to upgrade. If these messages come up, uninstall Swype as there is no update yet.
  • ADB is used. If you don't have any clue what ADB is, please read the guide on ADB.


  • Root Access
  • SDCard emulation (doesn't have to be, but its better to have it)
  • Some form of file manager with an installer - I recommend Astro, get it off the market or download it (http://www.androidfreeware.net/get-astro-file-manager.html) and stick it in /system/apps and it should automatically install.
  • Swype versions posted here have expired. Please search for a new one at http://www.swypeinc.com/
  • Unknown sources enabled: Go to settings>Applications>Unkown sources

Installing Swype

  • Push the Swype APK to /sdcard or your preferred location.
  • Open up your filemanager and navigate to the Swype.apk and install it (In Astro, click on it, then Open App Manager, then install)

Configuring Swype

  • Once Swype is installed, open up the settings app.
  • Go to 'locale and text' and enable Swype.
  • Then open up the Swype settings and enable "Disable Audio Warnings".
  • Now, open up any application that has a text field (e.g browser, messaging, email etc).
  • Hold down on the text field making sure it turns yellow/boorange (hold down for about 3 seconds). A box should come up with one option: Input Method. Select it, then select Swype as the input method.


  • alex for the guide
  • #iphonelinux as always :)