Author Topic: iDroid installer for Linux/Mac OSX (iPod/iPhone 2/3G)  (Read 3828 times)

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iDroid installer for Linux/Mac OSX (iPod/iPhone 2/3G)
« on: August 27, 2010, 01:03:52 AM »
I have developed a simple install script for any Linux user to install iDroid onto their iPod touch/iPhone2/3G.

You'll Need
1. SSH on your iPod/iPhone and Linux/OSX machine.
2.  curl on the Linux/OSX machine (most have by default)
3. If your on Mac the requirements HERE still apply.

Usage is simple, run the script
sh /path/to/script/

NOTE! If your on Linux and get errors from curl, change "curl -O" to "wget" and make sure you have wget installed.

1. When you get to the extraction tools menu use options 1/2, 3, and then 5 to exit (be sure to let them complete first before exiting)

2. When it asks for your iPod's IP address you can easily find that in your SBsettings or Settings menu undef WiFi.

That should upload all of iDroid to your iPod with all drivers and sdcard folder created. The only thing left is to install open iBoot which is already in your home filder in the iDroidTMP or a sub folder.

iPod touch only (stable)
V1.0 (Linux only) (uses wget)
V1.1 (Linux/OSX)(uses curl to support OS X and Linux)
iPod Touch/iPhone 2/3G (Broken: Download and use at your own risk)
V1.2 (Linux/OSX)(uses curl to support OS X and Linux)

If you have any questions, please post here, pm me, or email me at