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Drivers & Client Tools (Windows) / Device shown as unknown USB
« on: January 28, 2012, 05:26:37 AM »
So, I got an old 1st gen ipod and wanted to put openiboot and idroid on it. I was doing the manual install for openiboot since that is the only way.

Although, when I hit the console after doing loadibec openiboot.img3, my device eventually pops up but it says that it is an unknown usb device and then when i type oibc in command prompt, it always says "failed to open openiboot connection (2)"

I have tried going through the steps of installing the driver then uninstalling it but not deleting the hardware multiple times, and also restarted my computer too, reading that as a possible solution to a driver issue.

Help would be greatly appreciated, since I am out of ideas.

If i chose to do idroid instead of console on my ipod after doing loadibec openiboot.img3, it startsup and works fine. 

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