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Worked perfectly! Thanks so much for the script!

Just to clarify for process for others who may not be as familiar with the unix command line (although you all probably are if you're on this forum...):

1. Save Nick's script below as a new .sh file ( is fine) within your home directory (/Users/YourUserName) using your favorite text editor (TextEdit is fine but make sure you save as Plain Text, not Rich Text Format).

Code: [Select]

[ -e /private/deletemeafterandroidboot ] && rm -rf /private/deletemeafterandroidboot
[ -e /private/var/deletemeafterandroidboot ] && rm -rf /private/var/deletemeafterandroidboot
mkdir /private/deletemeafterandroidboot
mkdir /private/var/deletemeafterandroidboot

let i=0

echo "Starting to fill first partition.... (this wont take much)"

while [ $? -eq 0 ];  do
let i=i+1
cp -uv /private/var/idroid/zImage /private/deletemeafterandroidboot/zImage${i}

echo "Starting to fill second partition.... (this will take much lol)"

while [ $? -eq 0 ];  do
let i=i+1
cp -uv /private/var/idroid/zImage /private/var/deletemeafterandroidboot/zImage${i}

echo "All done, forcing fsck and rebooting, bye bye =)"

2. Open up a shell (Terminal on OSX is fine).
3. Install OpenSHH via Cydia on your iPhone if it is not already installed, make sure that it's enabled (usually is unless you've toggled it off), and connect your computer and iPhone to the same network.
4. Determine iPhone's IP address in Settings -> WiFI -> Your Network or SBSettings
5. Run following terminal commands (default iPhone root password is 'alpine' *you should change this sometime*)

Code: [Select]
scp ~/ root@iPhoneIPAddress:~/
ssh root@
chmod +x ~/

* This copy's the file from your local user's home directory to the iPhone's root home directory, opens up a secure shell to the iPhone logged in as root, changes the permissions for the file to allow execution, and finally executes the script.
6. Let the script run its course
7. Boot back into iOS
8. Open up Terminal again.
9. Run the following terminal commands to cleanup after the script (again, default iPhone root password is 'alpine')

Code: [Select]
ssh root@
rm -r /private/var/deletemeafterandroidboot
rm -r /private/deletemeafterandroidboot

10. Power down and iPhone and restart into Android


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