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Read before posting
« on: November 10, 2010, 01:59:15 PM »
Before posting issues here, read the release announcement and check your device for compatibility:!/

Requests for support for device/fw/jb combinations not listed as supported will be ignored.

Please remember to search before posting, as many questions will already have been answered in other threads.

If ever you are creating a new topic, please post your /var/log/Bootlace.log  This will help debug problems quickly.

Be patient in waiting for answers, we didnt anticipate Bootlace taking off as much as it has, and seeing as we are only a small team we are a bit overwhelmed by the support and information requests about it.

Remember none of us get paid for this, we all have jobs and university work to do in our day to day lives, so please bear with us if we take a while to respond - if your question is valid and is not covered by another thread, we'll get to answering you as soon as we can.

We thank you for your patience.
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