Author Topic: [READ ME FIRST] Rules for Posting in the Tutorials Section  (Read 1567 times)

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[READ ME FIRST] Rules for Posting in the Tutorials Section
« on: April 19, 2011, 03:06:44 AM »
This is the Tutorials Section.

Please DO:
  • Create guides to help people, as long as no information exists in the Tutorials Section or in the Wiki. Useful guides will be added to the FAQ and User Manual.
  • Contribute to existing guides by posting improved workarounds, clarifications, etc.
  • Post questions if ever a guide is confusing or the instructions are not clear

Please DO NOT:
  • Create a new topic asking a question about help/support, other devices, or developing code. Those belong in the Support, Porting, or Development sections.
  • Create a new topic with a tutorial/guide that is irrelevant to iDroid, ex. How to Play Poker or How to play Portal 2. Those belong in the General Discussion or Off topic sections
  • Post/create a topic about Google Applications and Android Market. There are many legal issues with those. Please bear with us, the iDroid Project does not want any legal trouble.
  • Post links/content related to copyright infringement, piracy, warez, pornography, terrorism, spam, or anything illegal. You can get banned from the forums for that.
  • Post in a foreign language. Now English may not be your first language, and bad English is excusable, but not everyone can understand Esperanto or Swahili. So please try your best to post in English. You can use an online translator for help.

New topics that do not belong here will be deleted or moved to the proper section without warning.
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