ADB over TCP

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To make ADB work in iMX51 using TCP:

  • In your host machine:
  1. Install android SDK
  2. export ADBHOST=BOARD_IP (setenv
  3. adb kill-server
  • In your board:
  1. make sure that property is *not* set when the adbd daemon is launched, so edit the file default.prop
  2. make sure that /dev/android_adb or /dev/android do *not* exist
  3. stop adbd
  4. start adbd

Now you will be able to list the device:

  1. ./adb kill-server
  2. ./adb devices
    • daemon not running. starting it now *
    • daemon started successfully *
  3. List of devices attached
  4. emulator-5554 device