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If you have not already done so, it is a good idea to install iDroid before moving on to this article.

The iDroid system is composed of three main components.

  1. OpeniBoot - A boot loader that allows you to boot into iOS or iDroid and provides a console style utility useful for working with and testing iDroid components.
  2. Kernel - A linux kernel derivative that contains drivers for the iDevices' hardware and other processes to boot and support the modified Android OS.
  3. Android - An Android derivative made to work with the iDevices.

Each component can be built, installed, and updated separately from each other, but are all required to create an iDroid device.

Source Code

The iDroid project uses Git, a distributed revision control system, for all of its source code repositories. The iDroid community repositories are hosted under the iDroid-Project organization on GitHub. You can also take a look at the list of other related iDroid repositories.

Compiling from Source

If you plan to compile Android, the kernel, or OpeniBoot with your own changes to the source code, please make your changes public. What you have changed may be helpful for the iDroid Project and for helping in troubleshooting.


  • OIB - OpeniBoot console utility useful for working with and testing iDroid components.
  • ADB - ADB or Android Debug Bridge is the main way to communicate with and to change files on the Android OS.
  • IOReg - A utility from Apple that allows you to search for OS objects with certain characteristics. Useful for reverse engineering initiatives.