Extraction Technique

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Extraction Technique

In order to generate a more user friendly environment for unix and speeding up the process of installing iDroid this extraction script was made, download below. The script is tested and successfully able extract all the supported options on ubuntu 10.04.

This script supports extraction of Zephyr (the iPhone 2g touch driver), zephyr2 (the iPhone 3g multitouch driver and iPod touch etc), and wifi driver v8 + v9, see Status for more details on what devices uses what hardware.

After using the script you should end up with the according firmware files in the same folder you run the script from.

When using the options where you already have the preexisting restore files make sure you run the script from that folder of the ipsw.

NB: when using option 2 & 5 there will be preformed a total clean up, deleting ALL the downloaded files, including the .ipsw


Current version

Ninn's Extraction Technique v0.2

Older versions

Ninn's Extraction Technique v0.1a



How to Use

This is for the current version (0.2)

    1. Open Terminal in Linux, then go to the directory where you saved extractiontechnique0.2.sh
    2. In terminal enter the following commands:
    chmod +x extractiontechnique0.2.sh

    3. Select the necessary options. Choose 1 if you are using iPhone 3G or iPod Touch 1G. Choose 2 if you are using iPhone 2G. Choose 3 or 4 for the WiFi Drivers (option 3 - V8 is recommended).

    4. If you have the ipsw in the same directory as your script, then it will proceed. However if you do not, the script will ask you if you want to download the ipsw (will take some time). Enter y if you want to have it download the ipsw. If you chose n, the script will exit.

    5. The firmware will be extracted in the same folder where you ran the script. After you have your firmware extracted (zephyr files, and sd8686 files), transfer the firmware files to your iOS /private/var/firmware folder.

Issues / feedback

Any feedback, errors or suggestions can be sent to "Ninn" either in a PM on the forum or irc, or you can note it down, please add a pastebin of your terminal if you are able to, in order to describe the error.


  1. Ninn for the shell script
  2. Munnerz for dripwn
  3. alex for wifi help
  4. mboeru for reorganising the code
  5. ddominator for support and testing
  6. Every other supporter of the project