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If you want to submit your design, send a PM off to Rekoil on the forums or contact him, konaya or Ninn on the usual IRC channels.


  • Logos should, in general, be designed using a vector format such as SVG. Inkscape is a great free vector illustrator for doing this.
  • Logos may not contain any images or text protected by copyright or trademark, notably by Google or Apple, Inc.
  • Logos containing offensive or vulgar material will obviously not be accepted, and will likely result in a ban.
  • Android branding guidelines [1]
  • Possibly make something like "Android for iPhone" ?
  • We can use the robot, so long as we make it Creative Commons


by BHSPitMonkey - SVG source available, font/text modifications possible (e.g. changing iPhoneLinux to iDroid).

by Legolover64 - more versions available (much much higher res, no/alternate font, alpha channeled, etc)

by Artificialbeing - first version, but I think it ain't bad ;] Ask if you want any other (svg src)\

by BHSPitMonkey - Proofs for some more ideas. SVG source available, font/text modifications easily possible.

by User:Tssk - just a draft, I can make SVG version if some one is interested, probably some professional graphic should clean it if this or any idea seems interesting

by User:MarkAttack89

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