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GScript method

To reboot in Android via GScript you will need the following

  1. GScript installed (you will find it in market)
  2. Modified SU file (read here)

GScript is an app for making and executing shell scripts. You can either create your own shell script to reboot, or use the one that comes with GScript. If you want to make a shortcut, for example on the home screen, simply press menu (home) -> add -> GScript -> *The reboot script*

Edit By TheUnleet

Please do not keep telling people to use GScript just because you use it. It has side-effects if you code your shell scripts incorrectly. The proper way to reboot your device without having to use another program(With scripts YOU have to make youself) is to use a program in the market called tReboot. Search and install it, you can add the program to your home menu, it is very simple and you do not mess with making your own scripts if you are a newbie at linux.