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Special Thanks

Special thanks go to planetbeing (At the request of CPICH, he adds: The Ayatollah, our spiritual leader)

and to all of those that have helped him along the way, for starting this whole thing and allowing us to get where we are today.

Currently Active Team Members

Project Lead

  • nickp666 (Nick Pack) -- Project Manager, Moaning bastard & Source code 'refuctorer'

Senior Developers

  • Bluerise (Patrick Wildt) -- Senior Developer for iDroid and OpeniBoot, hardware side of things
  • ricky26 (Ricky Taylor) -- Senior Developer - 'As a linux advocate, my goal is to run linux on every device I own.'


  • CPICH -- Advisor/Reversing Expert & a god in the eyes of the team


  • Neonkoala (Nick Dawson) -- OpeniBoot and Bootlace Developer

Site & Wiki

  • rekoil -- Forum/Wiki admin, Logo designer, iPod Touch 1G tester, frequent verbal abuser of nickp666

Inactive Members

  • konaya -- Forum/Wiki admin, Elusive OSS evangelist
  • Oranav -- OpeniBoot Developer
  • kleemajo -- OpeniBoot Developer (IPT2G port)
  • ddominator (Rex Justin Lim) -- iPhone 2G Maintainer, Testing, Documentation, Wiki and Forum maintainer

People that we owe thanks to

The following people have provided code, bug fixes, guidance or have in some way been involved in the project, so we would like to take the opportunity to thank them:

  • Planetbeing (Obviously)
  • The iPhone dev team for bringing us the tools to free our devices
  • Chronic Dev Team
  • Munnerz
  • Geohot
  • Malgaur
  • fergy
  • Jaywalker
  • Kleemajo
  • TheUnleet
  • nitestarzz
  • Noltari
  • Dario
  • apocolipse
  • James
  • Oranav
  • Anderwebs
  • Alex
  • ChainsDD
  • Various cyanogenmod contributers (For odd bits of code we've borrowed)

If we've missed anyone, it wasnt on purpose, please let us know!