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Here you will find an overview of the different installation methods and guides available for installing iDroid, an Android distribution using iPhoneLinux. There are a few different options for installing iDroid. We highly recommend that you use of the recommended methods however.

Before beginning, please take a look out our DISCLAIMER.

Recommended Methods

These methods are known to work and as such will be supported in the forums.

NOTE: If you have previously installed iPhodroid (not supported at the moment), please read the Recovering from iphodroid guide. There may be some problems in installing iDroid that can be remedied by the said guide.

Bootlace Installation

The easiest way currently to install iDroid is using Bootlace.

Manual Installation

These guides explain the manual installation and setup of iDroid. Since Bootlace can install everything for you, the guides below are for archival and educational purposes.

  • For installing from a Linux system, follow the instructions on the Linux Guide.
  • For installing from an OS X system, follow the instructions on the OS X Guide.
  • For installing from a Windows system, follow the instructions on the Windows Guide.

For those who simply want to install OpeniBoot for other supported distributions like iX or PSFreedom, please refer to the Installing OpeniBoot Guide.

iDroid Releases

Official releases are known to be the most stable releases available.

Post-Installation Concerns

  • Refer to the User Manual on how to use iDroid properly.
  • Check the FAQ.
  • Search the iDroid forum for a solution to this problem or start a new thread.
  • Ask for help in the #idroid-dev IRC channel on
  • If all else fails, you can always uninstall iDroid.


  • ADB - ADB or Android Debug Bridge is the main way to communicate and change files on the Android system.