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Openiboot Installation

How to install openiboot:

(You’ll find the same instructions in RUNNING in openiboot folder.)


  • A PC running a Linux operating system
  • git revision control system. This package is called “git-core” in some operating systems, such as Ubuntu.
  • A “pwned” iPhone or iPod Touch. A device can be “pwned” using either the Blackra1n, Pwnage Tool or QuickPwn, all of which are available at or blackra1n.

Check out the code:

git clone git://
cd iphonelinux/

Building Openiboot

1. Build an ARM toolchain (only needs to be done once):

1.1 Run, as root:
sudo toolchain/ make
1.2 Wait, for a long time, as the toolchain is compiled.

2. Compile OpeniBoot:

2.1 To run openiboot from the recovery mode (a.k.a iboot), you’ll need to create an img3 image.
2.1.1 Needs instructions! Follow this how to, to install xpwn: Once you have sucessfull completed the above steps, you should have a copy of libcommon.a as a result of the xwpn copilation. Use:
sudo updatedb && locate libcommon.a
to find the location of libcommon.a Copy it to the mk8900image folder with
cp ~/xpwn/common/libcommon.a ~/openiboot/mk8900image/ Once the above steps have been completed, you can move on to the next step: Creating an img3 image of openiboot
2.2. Build: (A system capable of running x86 Linux binaries is required. If compiling on 64-bit linux, you may need libc6-dev-i386.)
2.2.1 For iPod touch, run:
PLATFORM=IPOD make openiboot.img3
2.2.2 For iPhone 2G, run:
PLATFORM=IPHONE make openiboot.img3
2.2.3 For iPhone 3G, run:
PLATFORM=3G make openiboot.img3
2.3. Compile all in client/ :
cd client && make all && cd ..
(requires libusb, libreadline and pthread)
sudo client/loadibec openiboot.img3
2.5 Run the client:
sudo client/oibc

3. To install openiboot in the NOR (optional): run “install” in openiboot client (to uninstall, restore/update/run QuickPwn)

Updating Openiboot

1. Pull the new code from Git: (“git pull” if you already downloaded the code using Git) 2. Compile openiboot, but this time you don’t have to make an img3 image:

2.1. For iPod Touch, run:
2.2 For iPhone 2G, run:
2.3 For iPhone 3G, run:

3. Compile all in client/:

cd client && make all && cd ..

(requires libusb, libreadline and pthread) 4. Launch openiboot, using the menu on the device. 5. Run the client:

sudo client/oibc

6. Copy the openiboot binary in the device memory:


7. Jump to it:

go 0×09000000

8. Relaunch openiboot console using the menu on the device. 9. Relaunch the client:

sudo client/oibc

10. Install the new version:


Alternate Updating

To test a new build without installing follow these steps.
1. Reboot iPhone
2. Plug in USB Cable
3. Put iPhone in Restore mode

1. From openiboot menu press and hold Home button with iPhoneOS selected
2. Continue holding until you see the "Plug in to iTunes", or the animation of Steve Jobs saying "привед" (Russian for "quote")

4. Load img file as usual in restore mode

 sudo client/loadibec openiboot.img3 

5. Extra: You can install this boot simply issuing "install" or test as needed without installing

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