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Having a Shared Library with iOS

  • This guide is for users who want access to their entire iPod Music library.
  • This also adds camera photos, screenshots (simultaneously pressing Home + Power buttons), and saved pictures from Safari to the Android Gallery app. Photos/pictures synced through iTunes are stored in a database that Android cannot access and will not been seen in Gallery.
  • All your videos will also be accessible... although you cannot play them (the audio will play but lack of GPU will not render the video).
  • This is for advanced users or people who know and understand what they are doing.
  • Please backup all your files in iDroid, and in iOS as you may need to perform a DFU restore in case anything goes wrong.


  • Don't continue if you don't know why sudo rm -rf / is a bad idea.
Warning: this guide may disable iPhone/iPod from booting, or brick your iPhone/iPod if performed incorrectly!!!


You need to have any of the following:

  • SSH access, or
  • Mobile Terminal from Cydia

You only need one of above.


  1. SSH into your iPhone/iPod, or open Mobile Terminal
  2. Go to the /private/var directory:
    cd /private/var
  3. Back up whatever is in your sdcard folder before deleting it:
    rm -rf sdcard
  4. Create a symlink to link the iOS Media library:
    ln -s mobile/Media sdcard
  5. Change permissions and users to allow folders to be modified and accessed (you should still be in /private/var):
    chmod 755 mobile
    chmod 777 mobile/Media
    chmod 775 mobile/Media/DCIM
    chown root mobile/Media
    • The commands below are not needed. You can choose to skip the next 2 commands but if SD emulation doesn't work or you cannot detect your MP3s, try the following commands. This part represents the highest potential risk to your iDevice's operation within Apple OS, so perform these commands only if necessary!
    chown root mobile/Media/iTunes_Control
    chown root mobile/Media/iTunes_Control/Music
  6. Test if your symlink works by entering the command (you should still be in /private/var):
    cd sdcard
    ls -l
    • If the symlink works, you should be able to go into your mobile/Media folder and ls -l will list out the contents of mobile/Media.
    • If an error message appears, repeat steps 3 and 4.
  7. Reboot your device and load iDroid. The quickest way is to use Bootlace's Quickboot tab.
  8. Check to see if SD card is emulated properly by opening the Settings app, then touch SD card and storage (Path: Settings > SD card and storage).
  9. Open Media Scanner in the Dev Tools app (Path: Dev Tools > Media Scanner) to add your iPhone/iPod's MP3s to your iDroid's Music library.
  10. Open Music app to see if your songs/albums were added (which they should unless you don't have any).
  11. Open Gallery app to see if your pictures/videos were added (which they should unless you don't have any).