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What does "fully functional" mean? You can access the baseband from OpeniBoot, does that mean that that part of OiB is fully functional aswell? Because the AT+CPIN command does not work in OiB commit 706b632; it simply wont accept the PIN code, although it doesn't deduct from the amount of tries you have. --Konaya 13:18, 27 April 2022 (UTC)

Is the iPod Touch 3G Included in the 3GS? Since it has alot of the same processor and stuff, or is it considered part of the ipt2? --anthonyjr2 18:41, 28 April 2022


Power Management

How difficult would it be to get power management working on the iPhone 2g? Mine gets almost to the point of burning me if I leave it running android,so I keep it sitting on the heatsink from an old pentium 4 to keep it cool,but it would be nice if I didn't need to do this. Is it a firmware file that needs pulled from the phone or would this be a complete driver rewrite? I have 1 or possibly 2 phones I can experiment on to try to get this working,I'm open to suggestions.

iPod Touch

I have 32GB NAND, working for me. Wifi doesn't. Also, touch response is slow. Would someone write that up? TheNikkoMan 23:22, 23 May 2022

I hope somebody can port the OpeniBoot to the iPod Touch 3G. NSCXP2005 09 November 2021

iPhone 3GS

PDFs from iSuppli investigation$FILE/FC-135_145_255_E08X.pdf$file/F3102_T520.pdf

Most are transistors and stuff like that, but some could be useful. --Rekoil (talk) 09:27, 27 May 2022 (UTC)

iPhone 4

I'd like to help with porting OpeniBoot to the iPhone 4, but really don't know where to start, or what needs to be done. I haven't developed for iDroid before, and developing on lower-level boot sequences is new to me. Any help is appreciated with getting started with this, I'm a fast learner. - Luke Escude