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Here's my hub for notes and crap!
(Also to learn a bit more wiki syntax ;))

You can check out my twitter here[], and my website here[].

iDroid related

oibc/loadibec/linux for OS X (SL 10.6.x)

Binaries: here [].
Source: here [].

Debian on the iPhone

Small intro

Ok so i finally got it running! Using Debian squeeze (for armel obviously, multistrapped) and a busybox buildroot (for initrd) and using the idroid kernel, with a few minor changes. Wifi is working, and touchscreen is somewhat

Atm, its running Xorg, openssh-server, and a constant login over the USB serial gadget (g_serial) due to the size of the root images i'll probably have to wait for a good time to upload(ie, not close to getting capped)


  • Get fsck.hfsplus working on the initrd (Unclean mount, leaves the hfs partition in a state where mount will (and should) only mount it read only) the solution im using atm is to boot into iphoneos and reboot again.
  • A nice WM, and theme perfect for the iPhones resolution
  • Get touchscreen working properly, things like right click and multitouch?
  • Get some images online for people to mess with


  • Using the linux kernel's serial gadget (g_serial) to initially login via usb cable (kernel boot param g_serial.use_acm=1)
  • To jump to the busybox recovery buildroot pass init=/restore as a kernel param
  • Using the iDroid kernel, with a few minor modifications



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